Affordable Sewing Finds At the Estate Sale!

I went to another Estate Sale this morning.  This one was only a few miles from my house so I figured why not!

I could tell from the pictures that there would be plenty of things to interest me..

Things like fat quarters…


…and more fat quarters…DSCF9587-001

…and more fat quarters, along with this singer lubricant and a box of pins…DSCF9588-001

…I think these are corsage pins…DSCF9589-001

…and threads…DSCF9590-001

There was plenty to choose from and I wasn’t the first to browse.  Today was actually the second day of the sale and lots of things were already gone in the sewing department but I kept digging and found all of the above.

Remember not so long ago I was looking for Singer Lubricant in this post?  This is just proof that you never know when or where you are going to find it!  I now have a full tube to add to my Featherweight and 201 cases!  Whoot!

Oh but wait.  While I was browsing through books…these came home with me…DSCF9592-001

I pulled out these two coin collector notebooks…DSCF9595-001

Hmmm…me thinks…do you think there was anything in them?DSCF9597-001

Ha!  I about caused a Firestorm at the check-out desk!

At first they weren’t going to sell them to me and even one of the guys came up and took all the coins from the 60’s and said I couldn’t have them.  That kind of ticked me off, what does he mean just going through the cards and taking out coins?  Either sell it or don’t sell it but the whole point was I found it fair and square in your sale and I’d like to buy the collection.

Well.  Let’s just put it this way, nobody lost any money, only I lost out on a better collection.

So Estate Sales are good as you can see…and with that also comes the not so good…when you show up with a collection of half dollars with your books off the shelf.  Boy, they really were worked up over that.  ACTUAL money gets people all worked up!  Pretty funny.

So go to Estate Sales friends!  They are fun to look through and you just never know what you are going to find!




Hold On Kitchen! You’re next on the DIY list!

Our refrigerator heard us talking about replacing it.  I KNOW it heard us.  I mean, after all we were talking about it right in front of it.

Last night we noticed everything in the refrigerator was warm.



I spent the morning cleaning everything out and dumping everything.  Our town recycles so I had to clean all the recyclables…


Jim took off for the motor repair shop this morning for a new part and I went to an Estate Sale!

Does this happen to you too?  We really need this fridge to last a bit longer.  We are NOT ready with everything for our new kitchen plus I was actually hoping to use this fridge, even though it is 10 years old, it still looks great and we can’t find anything comparable on the market for a decent price.

Gosh.  I really think these things know when you’re talking about them!


Scratch This One off my WIP list! I knitted socks!!!


Look at those BEAUTIFUL socks people!!!

Seriously, this only took me 9 years to figure out how to do!  That first sock, the one on the right was started on a plane trip to California about 2005.  I remember at the time when I bought this mini-book:DSCF9555

that I was determined to advance my knitting knowledge beyond scarves and that first pair of mittens!  Ha!!!

I was now going to knit on 4 needles at once!  Holy moly…how was that going to work.  So I’m here to tell you all, it took a long time.  Those socks were actually the result of knitting, ripping, knitting again, ripping out, knitting, knitting, knitting and knitting again, then ripping out probably no less then 10 times.

That is why it took so long.  I wanted EVERY stitch to be exactly what it was supposed to be.  To do that takes practice and every now and then the painful painful act of unraveling all of your work to get back to something that wasn’t up to snuff.

But I did it!  Nine years in the works but this was completed FINIS in just under 2 weeks!  I actually was working on this while I waited for the results of the Sewing Bee contest!  Ha!

Just look at this gusset!DSCF9558

Not a hole to be seen!DSCF9557

…and that toe!

Have you, my reading friends, ever tried knitting?  Are you ever proud of yourself for figuring something out on your own?  Did you take lessons?  What advice can you give me or anyone else just starting out?

Jim even asked if I’d make him a pair…

Looks like I have to do this again, only now I think I’ve got it!

More later!


Sadly, I’m OUT…

Well, Thanksgiving happened and the 3rd round judging was announced for the Surprise Sewing Bee and I, sadly, was not picked to go forward.

That was the first competition I’ve ever entered and happy that I did get down into the top 25!

To read up on all the competition entries please pop on over to patternreview HERE!

~more later!  I’ve picked up another WIP project and it is finally near completed but I’ll have to update you all on it in another post…


Now onto the 3rd Round, I’M IN!!!

Wow!  And another round of the Sewing Bee contest results are in and I’M STILL IN!!!

Now there are 25 contestants left!  Yikes!

So that means, just to re-cap, there were 343 entrants to the competition.  Out of those 343, 140 finished and created an entry for the first round.  Out of 140 only 56 people moved on to round #2!  And now in the 3rd round only 25!winter street dress

So here’s the scoop on the next challenge:

Everyone is going to be making THE SAME PATTERN.  The pattern that was selected was a Exclusive design called the Winter Street Dress…you can look at the review or buy it HERE.

The rules are simple: Make a Dress using TWO KNIT fabrics. BOTH fabrics should be knits(printed or solid colors). There is no limit on how much or how little of the 2nd fabric you use, as long as its visible and enhances the garment. The dress should be wearable in public (no lingerie please) and be for an adult. Stash or new fabrics may be used.

The PatternReview Winter Street Dress. You are free to modify this pattern in any way you want. In fact its highly recommended that you put your own spin on it.

Please note that we need at least three photos for this round. At least one photo on a live model is REQUIRED.

1. Both Fabrics should be knits. Stretch wovens are not allowed.
2. Garment should be for an adult and should be wearable in public (no lingerie or lounge wear please) 3. Three photos are required. AT-LEAST ONE PHOTO MUST BE ON A LIVE MODEL.
4. Entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM EST November 25th, 2014.
5. Links to blogs are NOT allowed. Additional photos hosted on Flickr or similar websites ARE allowed.

Once again I am gathering my thoughts and ideas to come up with something fun!

Wish me luck AGAIN friends!



PatternReview Surprise Sewing Bee Round #2! Finished!

Yay!  I’m finally finished with this project!

My entry for the 2nd round of the Surprise Sewing Bee over at is all finished and up on the site!


Sorry that I haven’t really posted anything this week on this but I’ve been slaaaaving away at the machine…

To read the review of this jacket go here.

or if you want to just jump right to the fun photo shoot…skip on over here!

I’m now going to go sleep for a couple of days and wait for the results on Wednesday!

Talk to you all later and Happy Sewing!


Surprise Sewing Bee Round 1 Entry!

I’m biting my fingers!  I’ve never entered a contest on before UNTIL NOW!!!

The first challenge is an A-Line skirt.

Here is my entry: DSCF9569

This pattern is from Burda Magazine.  I pulled out my archives and found this one in the October 1997 edition!  Yikes!  It is classic though!

Entries are due TODAY and I’m happy to report that I finished my entry yesterday and can now breathe until Sunday when the eliminations are announced.

Wish me luck friends!

To see all the entries go HERE!


I ENTERED the Surprise Sewing Bee Contest!

I just looked at my in-box and I saw this awesome contest happening over at!


The Great Pattern Review Sewing Bee

So how fun is THIS going to be?

I’ve never been much of a contest enter-er but this one I couldn’t pass up!

Wish me luck friends!!!

Happy Sewing!


Another Home Improvement Post – Family Room Near Completion!


We brought in the carpet that’s been in the garage and unrolled it.  It will take a few days for it to relax and remain flat.

Jim finished the painting of the trim and hung the door to the basement yesterday!  For our cat Chloe Jim installed a cat door and I spent the morning teaching her how to use it…DSCF9343-002

The door closes automatically after a few swings back and forth.DSCF9345-001

Here’s another angle of the room…DSCF9348-001

Now the next project begins (we still have a few before we’ll call this room finished).  This next project is to make a tv hutch.  Instead of buying something new I wanted to re-purpose an old IKEA modular system we’ve been using in the kitchen.  I’ve shown this thing before but we’ve been parting it out lately so here’s another grab…DSCF9355-001

It has served it’s purpose so we are scavenging off of it for new uses!  My thought was to take three cabinets and screw them together for the tv hutch…DSCF9351-001

They are now in the workshop getting fitted with a base.DSCF9352-001

Everything we’ll use for this project will be re-cycled, up cycled or re-purposed!  Even the paint I plan to use will be something we’ve had in the basement for a long time (back in the days before little samplers we had to buy quarts, remember that?)!

Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend everyone and get out and enjoy the fall colors!  They won’t last long!  DSCF9340-003

Happy Home Improvement!


A Day at the Quilt Show!

I spent the day running errands, working on this new business venture I’ve slipped out in my last post and taking a trip to the Dupage County Fairgrounds for the Prairie Star Quilter’s Guild Show!

I’m almost official!  I have just one last step before I can flip the switch and make the big announcement!  As a side note, I’m just amazed at the amount of bureaucratic and paperwork stacks I’ve had to work my way through in order to start this business. My mind is nearly mush trying to keep it all sorted out!

So off I went to the Prairie Star Quilter’s Guild show to just absorb some inspiration and fun!  I’m uploading these photos all at once.  I tried to capture the quiltmaker’s information with each photo.