Weight Loss Journey Quilt Progress

The Weight Loss Journey Quilt Project is underway!

Quilt Blocks are 6″ Finished and each block is inspired by this journey to lose weight and become healthy.  This journey is expected to take most of 2013 to complete.  Join me right here as I share this story through quilting!

Click on the block photos to be taken to the original posts.

Block #1 – The First 5 Pounds

Block #2 – Christmas Star

Block #3 – Meetings

Block #4 – Points!

Block #5 – January Thaw
Pattern for January Thaw:   January Thaw Quilt Block Patterns


6 thoughts on “Weight Loss Journey Quilt Progress”

  1. I love this idea! Brilliant! Thank you for stopping by and ‘liking’ my post. Best wishes to you on your weight loss journey and making that beautiful and rewarding quilt!

    1. no. They represent the miles/path of the journey. I have little stars to go between them to represent the number of pounds. It’s a journey and I’ve a long way to go…

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