What I’m Talking About!

So much to do so little time!!!

Updates for 2014!!!

What is leftover from 2013…
1. 100 Crumbs needs to be quilted
2. 16 Patch Hour Glass needs….something…
3. 16 Patch Pinwheel, I’m learning how to design an applique border…look for posts on that this year!
4. The Star Snowball Quilts are ready to be quilted
5. Home Improvement…we are finished with the Living/Dining room.  2014 will begin the last phase!  We only have the the family room, kitchen and backhall/bathroom left!  Whoot!
6. Birdwatching!  We are still looking for new birds…
7. CCI Puppy Raising.  Jamba is in Advanced Training and we await word of his placement.
8. Weight Loss Journey Quilt…a life work in progress…

New for 2014!

Sewing!  I’m ready to sew some clothing!

For 2013

These are the current subjects I’m writing about here on the blog.  This is sorta like a to do list but in reality it’s just what’s important to me right now…at least to the extent that I care to share…

Clothing Sewing Projects
This is on hold for the time being as I work my way through the process of losing weight!  Yes, that’s right, I am losing weight.  There will eventually come a time where my clothes won’t fit me and I’ll have to either shop or sew some more but right now I’d like to get to a finished weight that I can maintain before I start sewing clothing again!

2013 Quilting Projects
Weight Loss Journey Quilt!— While I whittle off the weight I have been journaling my weight loss progress by making 6″ blocks.  Each block respresents a step in my journey.

Feather Practice!DSCF4576  I set out at the beginning of 2013 to empty my string basket as well as my crumb basket!  This is the first quilt to come out of the bins!  I’ve called this quilt Feather Practice because this also became the guinnea pig quilt for me to learn Free Motion Quilted Feathers!  All of the sashing strips and the piano string key border contain Free Motion Quilted Feathers! 84 feathers in the sashing strips and 1 infinity feather in the border!DSCF4536

100 Crumbs!DSCF4476 This is the second quilt to come out of the scrap bins this year.  It contains 100 crumb pieced blocks.  It is in the flimsy stage and awaits a border, quilting and binding!

16 Patch Hour Glass!DSCF3759This is the third quilt to come from the scrap pile.  I actually started cutting 2″ squares from my scraps last year and finally decided to sew them into 4 patches and then again into 16 patches.  This is still a work in progress…

16 Patch PinwheelDSCF3494.jpgBegun as a double pinwheel quilt a very long time ago (circa 1995) during a time when I wanted to learn how to make a quilt using that fancy tool called a ‘rotary cutter’!  My first attempt was a failure, mostly due to my inexperience sewing triangles, bias edges and sticking to a 1/4″ seam allowance!  Disaster!  I took apart (with help from MOM) the entire quilt and re-set the double pinwheels

together with 16 patch blocks.  I have a plan for an appliqued border…

The Star Snowball Quilts!DSCF3647

DSCF3655Two of these quilts were finally pieced together in 2013, one King and one Lap size!  Hopefully 2013 will see them finished!

2013 Home Improvement Projects!

Ground Floor Re-Model!  We aren’t knocking down any walls or moving rooms around but we are getting rid of the old and putting in the new.  We are doing most of the work ourselves…DSCF4427

Other Interests that you’ll see on the blog this year…

Bird Watching!
I’m working on photographing all the different birds that come to our backyard feeders!DSCF8281

I’m a novice painter, currently working my way through my first 120 paintings!

Volunteer Puppy Raising!
Working on raising our second pup for Canine Companions For Independence.  His name is Jamba and we’ll send him off to Service Dog School in November…DSCF4123

…and as always, whatever else strikes me!



4 thoughts on “What I’m Talking About!”

  1. Hi Cathy! I found your fun site looking for a pocket tunic. And found your Butterick B5524 Lounging Tunic. I am a so-so sewer 😉 but I do ok. In stores I rarely find anything I really like or that are long enough. i love to thrift shop but again, good clothes in my size are rare. That is why I like to make my own things. I love this pattern but can not find it anywhere. I read that you are putting clothing sewing projects on hold. I know it’s been awhile so I wondered if you would part with this pattern?

    1. Hi Holly, It is a fun pattern and super easy! Great for slouching around the house. Be happy to pass it along. email me privately stitchin.steiner at yahoo dot com (be sure to put the period between stitchin and steiner) Thanks!

    1. Hey Holly! Glad the package arrived safely and you are good to go with making tunics! They will be perfect. The only thing I did was make the pocket one rectangle and then sew in the pocket lines. Super easy to make, let me know if you need help!

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