It’s Cherry Season Again!

We've had a bumper crop of cherries this year!  If I'm sitting I'm pitting! We have a 4 in 1 cherry tree that self pollinates.  Jim made a natural bee-hive home to attract native bees and I think it has worked!  The cherries are Bing, Ranier and 2 others that I can't remember.  Supposedly they… Continue reading It’s Cherry Season Again!

Garden, In The Kitchen

Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes!

The tomatoes are starting to ripen and daily I have been picking 3-4 off of the plants. The yellow ones first, then the red.  Now I've got quite a bit and need to make something quick! Fresh Garden Tomato Salsa!A perfect salsa to eat on it's own, with chips or top a hot dog! Recipe:… Continue reading Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes!

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Sure, We’ll Take a Half Bushel! – Pickling Till I’m Blue!!!

Hey Everyone! On our way home from Michigan over the weekend we stopped off at a farm looking for cherries.  We bought a couple of pounds of tart cherries but what we were so thrilled about were the cucumbers! I know, only us right?  Jim loves pickles, especially if they are spicy or hot.  I… Continue reading Sure, We’ll Take a Half Bushel! – Pickling Till I’m Blue!!!