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Remember when Brooke Shields Sold Sewing Patterns?

Sorting through my pattern collection here and getting ready to toss this one into the 'Give-Away' pile I took a second look at the girl in the photograph.  Does she look familiar? That's right.  It's Brooke Shields from 1976.  Probably one of the most beautiful (in my opinion) women in the world. I wonder what… Continue reading Remember when Brooke Shields Sold Sewing Patterns?

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Scratch that — Mannequim went e-commerce

Remember my little post about Mannequim offering free downloads on sewing patterns? Well SCRATCH THAT!!!!  I just checked over there and looks like they now want a fee for the same patterns that were offered earlier as free downloads. Hmmm. Well, I have just about all of them saved so la ti dah. I guess… Continue reading Scratch that — Mannequim went e-commerce

Sewing, Sewing Patterns

Finishing up old projects…entry 1

Finishing up old projects. It seems I have about 20 or so projects that are in bins, bags and boxes throughout my house.  I know I've tossed a few others over the years but why is it so many just hang around...unfinished? I must have a slight case of hoarding disease.  (Speaking of which...have you… Continue reading Finishing up old projects…entry 1