Dara at 8 months

This is Dara.  She is our newest pup we've been raising for Canine Companions for Independence and she has been a handful! She is super smart just like her predecessors Jamba and Einstein but the fact she's a she is a whole new experience for us. It has also been a few years since we've… Continue reading Dara at 8 months

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Border Auditioning

I have completed the log cabin and uneven 9 patch border for this scrappy quilt and am now auditioning fabric from the stash for the next round of borders! Here is the EQ7 file... ...and this was the original version I had in mind as a Christmas Quilt!  The applique is a skill set I… Continue reading Border Auditioning

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Up-Cycling T-Shirts to help Our Dog Heal!

Hi Friends, Me here.  It's been a little crazy here lately and I haven't been able to sit down and get a post in until just now.  Last week I took our dog Holly in to the Vet for her annual exam and asked them to figure out what a big lump was on her… Continue reading Up-Cycling T-Shirts to help Our Dog Heal!

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The Inside Arm and Deck!

Now on to the Inside Arm... I am running desperately LOW on fabric so I have to sew pieces together in places that are not too conspicuous such as the Inside Arm and the Deck areas! I hate to do it but in this case because I can't find anymore of this fabric I'm in… Continue reading The Inside Arm and Deck!

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Couch Slipcover Comes Out To Play!

Okay.  I have a confession to make. This project has sadly sat neglected for ...ahem... I can't even remember how long...let me check the calendar...or even better... let me check this here blog... June of 2011 !!!! WoW.  I guess I did have a great excuse, an ACL injury and all and it took a… Continue reading Couch Slipcover Comes Out To Play!