Sewing, Slipcovers

Couch Slipcover Comes Out To Play!

Okay.  I have a confession to make.

This project has sadly sat neglected for …ahem…
I can’t even remember how long…let me check the calendar…or even better…
let me check this here blog…

June of 2011 !!!!

WoW.  I guess I did have a great excuse, an ACL injury and all and it took a very long time to get my leg back working again…oh, and then our downstairs re-model came into play and the couch sat in the garage for months.  Well, no excuses anymore.  IT’S TIME TO GET THIS THING FINISHED!!!

This is where we last left off.  I only finished one of the arms before everything got all packed up and sent into hiding…DSCF2024

Now I’m sorting out the pieces and staging this to Git ‘ER Done! DSCF9921

…and look who shows up to make sure it fits her needs…(Princess Prima Donna)…DSCF9926

Okay…in all seriousness, I’m glad to finally get this going again.  Stay tuned everyone, this is going to be fun!



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