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A Week In The Scraps!


As fate would have it, I realized early last week my camera was not in my ‘usual’ spot. What could I have done with my camera?!  I love my point and shoot camera and I take it with me everywhere.  It is so easy when the moment strikes and I need to take a photo.

I read Michael’s post about not having his camera and I can just imagine what a heartache it is to not have it!  He is currently raising money to replace what he had damaged so if you want to read more, donate to the cause and receive some amazing photos for your donation, and/or otherwise help, what I’d call, a truly great up and coming talent you can go here…

So back on the home front…I had to break out the big camera to take some photos of my date with my scrap bin this week!

I mostly worked on Edge-To-Edge string blocks, the strips were sewn on the 1941 Featherweight currently in re-hab…


I sewed up 3 large pieces.  Using all but a handful of the strings…


Then I starched and pressed these flat…


Before trimming these into 6″ blocks…

DSCF8947 DSCF8949 DSCF8950  DSCF8952 DSCF8953 DSCF8956 DSCF8957

Lots and lots of 6″ blocks…


I have about 40 so far!  When all the halvsies are sewn I’ll have close to 50 or so…

I think these will hang out for a bit before I think of something to do with them…

Happy Quilting!

Oh…and Jim found my camera.  It had dropped underneath the back seat of the truck…

I’m whole now.  Thank you Jim!



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