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Cruising the Caribbean Day 5 – At Sea!

Day 5 of our Caribbean Cruise had us at sea once again.  Captain Patrick set our course heading towards Cozumel, Mexico!


I woke early to see the sunrise and take pictures of the ship.  I was at the back of the ship.  Below is a photo looking down at the pool theater.

DSCF7748 DSCF7744 DSCF7743

…a bird’s eye view of Central Park…


During the day we watched our nephew conquer the flow rider…


We travelled this leg of the journey averaging between 12 and 16 knots.  This was slower going then the first few days when we travelled max speed at 22 knots!  We could tell the ship was travelling a little slower but just as well, the pace was perfect.

We had breakfast at yet another one of the restaurants and at 10:00am proceeded to the fitness center for day 3 of Boot Camp Fitness!DSCF7768 DSCF7769

We even tried our skills at shuffle board.  We thought it was mandatory all cruise ships be outfitted with a shuffle board.  We found it hidden…


A hang glider flies over the back of the boat…a prop.


A carousel…


A nice display of carousel horses being carved…


Then after lunch we ‘retire’ to our stateroom to find an elephant…


…and a few minutes later a few knocks on the door and several security and maintenance personnel asked to access our balcony to get into the room next door…


We have no idea what that was about, the people next door didn’t speak english, and came and went at odd hours.  All we know is they came with a big piece of wood and when they left the piece of wood was nowhere to be seen.  Hmmmm.

Then dinner was a big party with the Captain.  Our table overlooked the Captain’s table…


…and before we could take the last few bites of our meal a big dance party broke out…