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A Photo Shoot Morning

I spent an hour this morning setting up my background support to photograph both the Feather Practice String Quilt and Mmmwhaah!, the X’s and O’s quilt that will be given to our new niece this Christmas!

There’s snow on the ground and we are expecting more snow later today and tomorrow so if I’m going to get these photographed I had to do it now!

Before bringing out the baby quilt I started with the string quilt.  Here’s the set-up…DSCF6755

Then some close up shots…DSCF6756

one and two…DSCF6764

That over with, I moved on to the baby quilt…so sweet…DSCF6775

A little windy, this storm is coming!  Hurry, hurry, hurry!DSCF6781

a closer look at Mmmwhaah!DSCF6770

I used leftover’s for the backing, not very fancy but it works…DSCF6777

We can’t wait to give it to Olivia!

I’ll be putting together the written instructions for both of these quilts in case you yourself ever want to make one for yourself!




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