All I Want to do Is See My Options

I guess what is the most frustrating for me about this ACA website roll-out is that I can’t even SEE the plans available.  I have been trying for two weeks and still I get this…


Please wait…

Please wait…

Please wait…


I’ve signed up 4 times.  Somewhere out there are 4 accounts worth of information and not once have I been able to actually sign INTO the system.

All I want to do is LOOK at the plans available to me.  Why do I have to sign up for an account to LOOK at the plans?  I could go on for a very long time about how asinine this whole roll-out is but I’m sure you all are having the same experience…

Just wanted to get this off my chest and share my frustrations with you all.  Have any of you had success yet?


4 thoughts on “All I Want to do Is See My Options”

  1. I have tried for 2 weeks myself to create an account just to “view” the plans available to me, only to get the same error message each time stating 2 or more (there’s only 3) answers to my security questions cannot be the same. Ok, I’m no rocket scientist but I am very positive in the fact that my favorite radio station and my best friend growing up’s name are not the same! This is ridiculous. I chatted with a representative regarding the problem only to be told that I should just keep trying and good luck. To which I replied “wow”. Our government can’t even run a website, can’t wait to see how they run the actual program! We are in trouble!!

    1. I just heard on the news a reporter explain the Dept. of HHS actually discussed this very issue before planning the site. They opted for the sign-in first slower options because they were afraid people would not sign up if they actually saw the plans. I am just at a loss for words. We know the gov’t can handle a website, this is just plain incompetence. The world just laughs.

  2. Hope you don’t mind me “pressing this”…..the story needs to be told again and again. If your state had run their own exchange, you could at least get on and review the plans. I have…and it is frightening to me how they can call it ACA….

    1. No, I don’t mind. I debated about even talking about this on the blog but since this is going to affect all of us I figure I may as well…

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