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Mmmwhaah! Quilt Project Part 5 – The Borders!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Part 5 of the Mmmwhaah! Quilt Project!

This quilt is really coming together quickly!  Now it’s time to get to the borders!


As a reminder, here’s the design from EQ7 Mmmwhaah

The first border is a pink, single fabric border.  The corners are not mitered so the sewing is very simple.

Find the center of the pink strips and match up the centers of each side…DSCF4910



and sew…DSCF4908

Borders are sewn on opposite sides first and then a longer strip is sewn on the 2 remaining opposite sides.

Then with that big stack of half square triangles…DSCF4902

press those seam allowances to one side.  I pressed them toward the orange but it doesn’t matter.  Then start sewing them together.  You’ll want 4 EQUAL lengths of 25 units each.  To 2 of these units you are going to sew those orange cornerstone squares to the end of each side…DSCF4979

So you’ll end up with 2 short lengths and 2 longer lengths.  Sew the 2 short lengths to the pink border, in the same manner you just used for the pink border.  So shorter strip of 1/2 square triangles will be sewn first to 2 opposite sides and then the longer 1/2 square triangle strips with the 2 side cornerstone blocks will be sewn to the other 2 opposite sides!

Here’s a look at how I pinned.  Because I pressed the seam allowance towards the orange I lost the ‘point’ in under the seam.  I used pins to help me guide the sewing machine needle so I’d hit the tip of the point.  If I just sewed without figuring out where my points were there’d be a good chance I’d chop off all those triangle points!DSCF4967



Here’s those points!


That was the hard part.  Now the only thing left is to add the yellow borders!  And those get sewn exactly the same as the pink, and I match up the other side of those points on the 1/2 square triangles!


The top is finished!

Stay tuned for part 6!  The Quilt Sandwich!  I can’t wait to start quilting!

Happy Quilting, Happy Sewing!