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Mmmwhaah! Quilt Project Part 3 – Creating The X and O Blocks!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Part 3 of the Mmmwhaah! Quilt Project!

In part 2, I demo’d how I made the building blocks for the X’s and O’s.  Now it’s time to put those X’s and O’s together!

See this photo below?  See how those building blocks, depending on how they are turned create and X or an O?


That’s what we’ll be doing in today’s lesson…



1. The first thing to do is decide which 4 building blocks you want to use!

Arrange them, turn them around, play with them until you get a combination that is pleasing.  Notice how some of them have the same fabric next to each other?  Yeah, I don’t like that.  So I just keep turning them until I get what I want.

For demonstration purposes I’m going to use these extra YELLOW building blocks, seen below.  Just note to yourself that this pattern makes 4 YELLOW  O blocks and 9 PINK   X blocks!

DSCF5049 DSCF5048

2.  Now sew the 4 blocks together by first sewing 2 sets of two blocks…


…being careful to match up the seams. (Just a note here…the seams were ‘soft’ pressed in the previous step.  It is at THIS point in the process that you’ll know which way you need to ‘HARD’ press them)  Press them in OPPOSITE directions…


…can you see that here?…look at the two photos below.  The first one shows the seam allowance going DOWN (on the bottom block)…

DSCF5039and the seam allowance on the TOP block needs to be moved over to the other side in order for this seam to match up smoothly…see how I”m moving it over with my thumb?DSCF5040

I pin the matched up seam…DSCF5041

…and sew the two blocks together…DSCF5042

I press this seam OPEN, see in the photo below…DSCF5047

Then match up the other side and sew all 4 blocks together…DSCF5050


And press this seam open as well…DSCF5052

Then press the whole block..DSCF5055


Step 3 is Complete!

Stay tuned for Step 4:  Setting Triangles!

Happy Quilting, Happy Sewing!



6 thoughts on “Mmmwhaah! Quilt Project Part 3 – Creating The X and O Blocks!”

  1. I like how the + got turned into a x in your new sample… check out the earlier planned version. Also, how could any child not like those colors! It’s bound to be a favorite.
    Love, MOM

    1. I know, I have the X’s and O’s in an on-point setting. When you look at the quilt straight up and down they look like plus signs but if you wrap the quilt around you diagonally they will show up as X’s! {{{Hugs!}}}!!!

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