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Mmmwhaah! Quilt Project Part 2 – Sewing The X and O Building Blocks!

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Part 2 of the Mmmwhaah! Quilt Project!  Just as a refresher, this is a little quilt I’ve designed for a special little someone we are expecting later in the year!

In part 1, I gave you all the cutting information to make this quilt, if you missed it, just go back one post or click HERE

Now on to step two, making the X and O building blocks.

For both the X’s and the O’s, you need 4 of these units.  I like to call this block a HALF SNOWBALL because it is basically a SNOWBALL block with only two corners! LOL!

Here is what the building block looks like!DSCF5034

Do you also see those two side “Bonus Triangles”? Those go into this quilt too and are made at the SAME time as the building block, so if you happened to notice in my cutting directions that a 2″ Half Square Triangle was missing…you now know why!  I LOVE this technique, essentially there is NO WASTE when these bonus triangles are incorporated right back into the design of the quilt!

So here we go.  To make these blocks first grab all of your ORANGE 3″ squares…DSCF4841

…and mark a pencil line diagonally from corner to corner…DSCF5028

…and then mark another line diagonally 2″ from the opposite corner parallel to that first line (see the photo above).  To get that line perfect tape off a ruler at a 2″ marking.  You can use any ruler or straight edge you want just as long as each side is 2″ inches.  I’m using my EASY ANGLE ruler here…like so…DSCF5023

I used Scotch brand tape and I just picked a spot on the ruler.  Then line up the corner of the square and mark with a pencil…DSCF5026

When you mark all of your Orange squares it is time to start sewing!

Match up an orange square with either a pink square or a yellow square and position like so…DSCF4838

Rotate the unit so that you will be sewing along the center diagonal line first!DSCF4840

You can chain piece all of the pink and yellow units.  Then go back to the beginning and sew along the second stitching line…DSCF4843

(please note my stitching is NOT perfect!…and I’m still here…)!

Now, do the same thing for the opposite corner.  Just rotate the square around and repeat the same process and you’ll end up with a stack of these…DSCF5029

Now cut the “Bonus Triangles” apart from the HALF SNOWBALL block.  Just cut right through the center between the two lines of stitching.  The seam allowance doesn’t have to be perfect, just cut!


You’ll end up with what I showed you in the first photo…DSCF5034…all of your building blocks are complete!  And you’ll have a big stack of these “Bonus Triangles”!!!DSCF4902

Press the “Bonus Triangles”‘s seam allowance toward the ORANGE but just finger press (or SOFT press with an iron) at this point the HALF SNOWBALL blocks (you’ll HARD press these later as we sew them together and determine at that time which direction the seam needs to go)…

Step 2 is Complete!

Stay tuned for Step 3:  Putting Together the X’s and O’s!

Happy Quilting, Happy Sewing!