Weight Loss Journey Quilt

Weight Loss Journey Quilt Project – Block #2

Hi Friends!

So I’ve been pondering that idea about doing a weight loss journey quilt.  I can’t say I’ve ever seen one but this thought keeps intriguing me so I’m actually quite psyched up about telling this story through quilt blocks.

All week long I was working to get this next block perfected!  This was challenging to say the least! This is a traditional quilt block pattern called Christmas Star!DSCF3787

It actually took me three tries to get this one done!  This first effort I cut out the wrong size pieces and after sewing it up nothing was going together….aaaggh!  Then the next effort I rotary cut out the pieces and tried to machine sew.  The center came together perfectly but the outer round of piecing was not matching up AT ALL!  Terribly frustrating.  So on my third attempt I kept the center and then drafted up the pattern on paper to do 2 paper pieced edges and then finally it all came together!

This Christmas Star Block represents my first week with Weight Watchers.  I went to my first meeting and joined Weight Watchers the Saturday before Christmas 2012.


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