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My New Adventure in Oil Painting

Hi Friends and Readers,

The Mona Lisa.
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It is sewing diversion time for me!  I have loved drawing and painting all my life (not that great at it but love it non-the-less) so last week I signed myself up for an Oil Painting class at the local community college.

I think it has been about 10 years since I last took an art class there and I’ve been eager to practice my drawing and painting skills again!

Oil painting has this mystique about it that I find intriguing.  I can never get enough of seeing a painting from far away looking exactly perfect and when you get closer the paint just looks like little bits of color.

The fun thing for all of you is that YOU are going to get to see all of my completely clumsy oil art as I re-train my brain as well as the eye to hand ( brush) coordination!  It is sure to be a fun time.  It will be interesting to see if after 20 years of various artistic experience, if oil painting will come naturally to me or if it will be a struggle!

Let’s hope it is natural!

The class starts Tuesday night.  Look for my posted work right here next week!




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