Have Animals, Slipcover Must Make

I discovered this the other day.  It’s a love hate relationship with that precious cat.

My brand new newly reupholstered furniture was supposed to be able to handle this!  What did I do wrong here?  Her claws may as well be daggers ready to rip apart anything!  Do you think I can sell cat claw seam rippers at the Sewing and Quilt Expo?  Do you think anyone would mind?

So here’s what I’ve been having to do.  The couch has been getting covered up with the Waverly quilt and the chair has had two quilts on her so Miss Chloe Scissor Paws won’t completely ruin it!  But look at this?  It is not making me happy.  It’s not pretty at all and totally ruining my re-decorating mojo.

I did take a slipcover class at the expo and last week I did send off for these two patterns so hopefully I can figure something out and make a slipcover to help protect my investment!

Stay tuned!



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