Snowmaggedon is coming!


NOAA map of Snowmaggedon 2011!

I’m watching the newscast this morning and for all you’d think we are headed towards the end of life as we know it.


This should be interesting.

Wish me luck!

I’m headed out for my trek to work.  I’ve got the shovel, a blanket, water, food, the dog, dog food, cell phone, boots, hat, gloves, rope, knife, flares,

Oh, almost forgot, need to pack the search light, the snow shoes, skis, compass, dog sled (just in case, already have dog), two way radio, gas powered flashlight…

Can you think of anything else?

Oh yeah…a sewing project maybe?

Talk to you soon!  Once again…wish me luck!



1 thought on “Snowmaggedon is coming!”

  1. Everybody needs (?!) a blizzard in their lives that they can talk about for the rest of their life and I think you’ve got it.
    Keep Warm.

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