So if you start a mystery quilt do you have to finish?

YES!  Though after getting the third clue of the mystery I was a little deflated in my enthusiasm.  I’ll explain…

I decided to get in on the mystery quilt being published over at Quiltville.com.  This is the same designer that did the Carolina Christmas Mystery from a year ago.  I LOVE that quilt so with an all out abandon I flew sanity to the wind and went to work on yet another project!

Step 1: DONE, Step 2: DONE then Step 3 came out last friday and my mojo came to a screeching halt….Strings!  Ugggh!  Strings!!!!

For those of you garment sewers strings are the leftover strips of fabric from squaring up the edges when rotary cutting strips…or could be just leftover strips of various widths and sizes.  Of which I own nearly nada…so for me this means I’m going to have to cut strings on purpose.  Not my favorite thing to do but I’m going to have to do it just the same if I want to still go forward with this mystery.

This is what they look like sewn together.  Then you cut them down to the required dimension of a block.  For this mystery it is 8-1/2″.

Here’s a photo of step 1, step 2 and some of the step 3.

The project is called Roll Roll Cotton Boll and you can follow along at Quiltville.com.

Or just check in here so often as I post my progress same as last year.  I usually have some edits where I re-work the instructions to make my life a little bit easier…

I’m off to cut some panne velvet for the dress this friday…or is it saturday?  Oh the stress!



2 thoughts on “So if you start a mystery quilt do you have to finish?”

  1. Bari gave me a “bunch” of strips one time when we were up there. This might be a good thing to do with them, but unlike you, I am not into the quilting bug.
    As for the green panne velvet… I think that looks terrific. Hope it works. Especially, since where do you go if it doesn’t?
    Have enjoyed all the pics and commentary and look forward to each new installment.
    Love, MOM

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