Free Motion Quilting “Snow In October” Video 5 – The Continuous Feather Border and Finish!!!

Hi Friends,

Whoot, Whoot!!!  I am finished with “Snow In October”!!!

It feels so good to be finished with a quilt that took such a long time to complete.  I hate when I have to stop and start a project (like, just about everything I work on!) but especially when it is the quilting portion of the quilt because it really means my machine is occupied and I can’t use it for anything else!

My other Bernina is in the trailer (remind me to get that out of there for winter) and I do have those Featherweights I’ve been restoring but you know what I mean…it’s just not the same thing as sewing on your beloved workhorse machine.DSCF0566

So here it is!  This is the last video in this series.  It is a LONG one, so many apologies for the boringness factor, but that’s what that little arrow is for…to speed up the video and get to something you want to see.  Trust me, I won’t be offended if you skip around.  These videos were done strictly to document how I quilted this quilt.  Oh, I guess I do have one or two more videos but those can be done anytime.  I did sign the quilt and I made a short clip of my workspace set-up…no biggies, just keeping those in the clutch for now.

As always, enjoy!


Free Motion Quilting “Snow In October” Video 4 – Triangle Border

Hi Friends!

I can see the end!  I’m now on the 2nd border and the remaining free motion quilting on this quilt is going to be super super easy!

No more squashing the quilt into the bed of the machine, no more trying to think about oak leaves and acorns, just quilting!

So here we go!  This second border is made up of triangle points and the plan is to quilt these triangles in half circle or small arcs from point to point (or seam intersection to seam intersection).

I’ll do 2 passes around the quilt, the first pass on the left side of the triangles and then as I come around to the beginning I’ll continue on the right side and do the same thing with the 2nd pass, picking up the other half of the triangles.  Easy right?

Here’s the video!




Free Motion Quilting “Snow In October” Video 3 – Oak Leaves!

Hi Friends!

I had a moment to go through my videos and get the next in this series up on the website!  I had hoped to be able to record all the leaves and the acorns but looks like the acorns dropped off the tree (so to speak)!

The inspiration came from these Oak trees across the street:


I took lots and lots of pictures of these leaves…



DSCF0382  DSCF0384 DSCF0385 DSCF0386

Then drew some samples…



Then went to work on the border…

So, without further delay, here’s the quilting of the first border!



Up-Cycling T-Shirts to help Our Dog Heal!

Hi Friends,

Me here.  It’s been a little crazy here lately and I haven’t been able to sit down and get a post in until just now.  Last week I took our dog Holly in to the Vet for her annual exam and asked them to figure out what a big lump was on her chest.

It turned out to be a real nasty cancerous tumor (I’ll save you the gross details) but she needed to have surgery to remove it and that happened this week Tuesday!

So yay!  Holly is doing just great but I’ve had to make these little body koozies to go over her so I thought I’d put a little TUTE together for you in case you ever get/need to do this!  They are super simple and since they’ll be tossed once they are not needed there’s no need for fancy styling!   Ha!

Here’s our little Holly, 2 and a half days post surgery.  She looks like a little slasher movie but it’s a lot better then it was and today she was back to her super spunky self…


I found this old x-tra large t-shirt in the closet.  I have measured Holly and I need to make sure I have a circumference of 20″.  This will give about 2-3 inches of ease room around her body.  I don’t want her Koozie too tight… DSCF2999

I’m able to get 2 from this 1 shirt!!!  Perfect!  I cut just under the arm pit and the shirt in half…


…so 2 of these…


Now all I need to do is zig-zag the long edge closed…


I measure down the length of her head to her shoulders (this was about 5-6 inches) and clip to locate a place to cut our an armhole.


Then I cut out the armholes on both sides  (I folded the tube in half and cut the 4 layers as one) like so…


Next, I slipped the Koozie over Holly’s head and put her legs through the armholes…


Then I rolled back the head portion of the Koozie and pinned in place using a safety pin behind her head…


Here is the pin behind the head holding the fold…


Then fold up either side under her chin and pin those in place in the back.  By having these pins behind her she can’t mess with them!


And here’s the end result…completely covers her stitches and is loose to give her room to breath.DSCF3018

The Koozie get’s changed daily or when it get’s dirty for 10 days until her stitches come out!

Hope you’ll never have to make one…but in case you do, I hope this is helpful!

Have a great day everyone!  Time to put some pills in some cheese, peanut butter, or some other tasty tidbit!

More soon!


Free Motion Quilting “Snow In October” Video 1 – The Brown Logs

Hi Everyone,

Are you ready for one of my visually boring videos??  Ha!

For those new to the blog I like to record my stitching, especially when I’m free motion quilting.  It helps to save it for posterity sake so if I ever need to review what I did I can do that.

In this video I also talk about the starting and the stopping and how I do it (bringing the thread to the top of the quilt) as well as how I work with just my hands, no gloves, pads or fingertip grips (something I’ve been trying for a while now).

This is part 1, the feathers will be in part 2.




Almost to the Borders on ‘Snow In October’ Quilt!


I love the feeling of progress!


I  have the last few corner blocks to go then the middle section will be finished!DSCF2485

Here’s some detail of the brown logs…      DSCF2472

…and some detail of the blue logs with their meandering feather…DSCF2475

…another look.DSCF2478

I’ve taken some video though not sure if it will be good enough to show yet.  The sound is always something I can never get right!  Not to mention the camera I used isn’t that great.  (Note to self…get out a better camera…I know I know I know!).

Ah well.  I’ve some of the feather detail left then I will be moving on to the borders.

My thoughts for the first inner border is to go with an oak leaf design.  We have Oak trees in the park across the street.  Those leaves turn brown in the Fall and stay on the tree all winter.  Reminds me somewhat of this quilt!

Stay tuned!  More to come!


Quilting ‘Snow In October’

Hi Friends!

The project I’m working on right now is the quilting on the ‘Snow In October’ log cabin quilt.

I’ve been slowly figuring out a plan as to how I’d like to go about the quilting.  First I print a copy of the quilt (I used EQ7 to help with that) and then with a pen try simple free motion movements in areas…DSCF2430

Then I set-up my workstation to free motion quilt and go for it.  This is always the most nerve wracking part, the beginning.  Once you begin you are committed.  I don’t mark the lines but do give myself some ‘registration marks’, little guides to help me shoot for a mark on the quilt.  I’ve quilted the last 4 quilts this way and felt it has worked for me.  My quilting is very rustic, not perfect so going an ‘organic’ route suits me.DSCF2442

Hopefully someday I’ll be good enough to follow a line and actually make it look good but for now this is what works for me.  I love how the quilting makes the quilt start to come alive!

I’ve got a ways to go before it’s finished so stay tuned!

Happy Quilting, Happy Sewing!


Vermont Quilt Festival!

The Vermont Quilt Festival!

One of the nice things about traveling is you never know what surprises will pop up!  The Vermont Quilt Festival was one of those surprise coincidences that was happening very close to where we were camped in Vermont…and how could I not resist?

For your enjoyment.  Most of these were from my phone camera so the quality isn’t that great…but you’ll get a great idea!  I captured the names of the makers as well!



Scenes from the Dashboard Series: The Road FROM Vermont!

Hi All!

Ahh!  Now the fun of the trip coming home.  We decided to travel the northern route by way of Canada!  I thought it would make for a great adventure and shock some of my nerves to see how easy (or hard) it would be to cross the border with our RV!

Garmin took us on a route that skirted the border along the St. Lawrence seaway.  We could see Canada at many points along our 100 mile journey before the crossing.  I snapped lots of pictures of the countryside…old barns, very rural…DSCF0331

As we approached the checkpoint we decided to fill up with gas and in the parking lot of the gas station I spied this dog in the driver seat!  Bad picture here…DSCF0350

…but if you zoom in you can see him just as cool as a cucumber taking over the wheel waiting for his owner!


I drove through the border crossing and prior to entry we were stopped by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.  They were looking for a fugitive on the run (Sweat) and had narrowed his location close to the Canadian border.  They were checking every vehicle and they checked every hatch of our truck and our trailer.  We had to stay in the vehicle while they did this.  I kept thinking if I’d put my undies away in the laundry basket!  Ha!

Then we went over the bridge and waited at the Canadian checkpoint.  I wondered if they would do the same thing.  I declared our liquor and worked through the 10 questions I was asked about weapons and illegal drugs.  Nope, Nope, Nope and nope, nope, nope….ad hominum 10 plus times!  I thought it interesting how many ways to ask if we had a weapon.  I was about ready to share I had a shovel and saw if I needed to use it but thought better to stay silent.

We then were welcomed to Canada!!!DSCF0364

We had a relatively short trip (another 3 hours) to our destination for the evening, Pres’quile Provincial Park in Brighton, ON!  I chose this location because of the bird sanctuary, not to mention they had a site open on the water!

Hello Lake Ontario!!!  This marked it official for Jim and I that we’d now seen all of the Great Lakes!  Our site was amazing, just wished we’d had more time to spend there and explore all that the park had to offer!DSCF2417

It did rain so we had to deal with wet grass and tables and such but the skies cleared up to a haze for dinner and we sat out by the fire and watched the shorebirds… DSCF2422

The obligatory timer-selfie was taken to document our existence… DSCF0361

…and in the morning I awoke to see a group of white birds out the dinette window!  What could those be?DSCF0364

SWANS!!!  How cool is this?  14 swans were swimming by just leisurely going about their morning routine!  I burst into song… “Seven Swans a Swimming…” then through in an added break “and their mates!”

Just a very neat sight to see.


We gathered our things together and checked Garmin to see how far it would be to get home.  Ooh.  It was going to be 10 hours of driving time.  Could we do it?

We left it open ended.  I knew it would be a long day of travel but also knew once we crossed into Michigan we would start seeing familiar sights and know we were close to home.

Driving near Toronto…getting closer.  How far was the border?DSCF0379

Garmin routed us to the Sarnia crossing.  We waited and waited.  Only one lane was used for RV’s…and I can’t even tell you what I thought of the cars that kept rushing the lanes and budging their way into our lane!!!  In Chicago people get shot for some of those moves.  I kept calm and kept checking my phone to see if I was back on-line and waited.  I figured we get there eventually…


At the checkpoint we were inspected through and through and the border agent quizzed me on the Who, What and Where’s but his last question was just loopy!  “Is this trailer light?”  Huh???  My sarcastic self wanted to say “yeah, it says lite right on the cap!”…but I calmly proclaim “…why yes, it weighs about 4,000 pounds!”  …I’m sure he was checking our weight ratings as he looked over the trailer and hitch and our truck.  Uggh.  Then with a smile he handed back our passports and said “Welcome Back!”.

Lovely!  Now onto home!

This first sign to say Chicago!!!  Just one more fill-up to go and we’ll be home!20150629_203347

We arrived late but amazingly I found the night driving to be okay.  I could tell I’d need to get different glasses to cut the glare from the lights but the traffic was smooth sailing!  Well, except for the semis that barrel through this 80-94 corridor!!  No wonder so many accidents occur on that route…sheesh!

Well.  We are home now and ready for this 4th of July weekend with festivals, grill-outs and celebrations!

Next up…the Vermont Quilt Festival!